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I took part alongside a collective of artist for #FolktaleWeek and came up with a concept using traditional tropes found in folk tales. It allowed me to stretch a little with writing a continuous story and illustrating each prompt.

Not long ago, on one of those autumn days that slip past without notice, a boy in a blue hat had begun an afternoon wander.

Folktale Week promotion, 2018


The boy in the blue hat had stumbled upon a stream and a small nameless bridge crossing to a long forgotten forest.

Folktale Week: Forest, 2018



Out of nowhere, a great gust of wind grabbed at the hat, as if by magic, and carried it into the woods. The boy chased after it.

Folktale Week: Magic , 2018


The boy found his blue hat in the hands of a Witch! She cackled and said, "You'll get your blue hat, but first bring me three flowers." 

Folktale Week: Witch (left), 2018


Further in, the woods became abnormally gloomy. The boy found the first flower, and he startled a ghost while plucking it.

INSECT(above right)

Again the land shifted to be more bizarre than before. The boy found the second flower, and he grabbed it before an insect grabbed him!

Folktale Week: Ghost, 2018


The boy went deeper into the forest and was dazzled as the surroundings turned to sparkling plants. His delight was mirrored in the third flower.


There was a quick and quiet exchange of cap and flowers. The boy in the blue hat ran the path out of the woods, over the bridge, and home.


With three flowers in hand, woodland animals arrived to guide the boy. He followed them to a path to return to the Witch.

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