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Museum of Incredibly Precious Things
Calmness Bay
Raccoon Guard & The Hoarding Knights
Ballard Park • Newport, RI
Cuddle Island
Folktale: The Boy in the Blue Hat
The Shapes (page 7)
The Shapes (page 8)


For as long as I can remember I've escaped everyday life through stories. Whether picture books, comics, cartoons, or novels, I was always captivated by a good tale. I would spend long days and nights drawing until I leveled up to be a storyteller myself.

Now, I’m an illustrator wanting to enchant kids with the same kind of stories that sparked my adventure. I draw for the spectrum of children’s publishing and I'm always excited to work on new projects with new people.

I live in Rhode Island with my wife and two energy vampires called "our kids."

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Nico Ecenarro

Rhode Island, USA