Museum of Incredibly Precious Things
An illustration of a boy scout exploring an overgrown backyard.
An illustration of a young witch plays at the park with other kids.
Bug Catcher
A boy gathers berries in a post-apocalyptic sea town.
Kid Designs
Raccoon Guard & The Hoarding Knights
An illustration of a hard working red bird growing their own blue berry bush.
Folktale: The Boy in the Blue Hat
The Shapes (page 7)
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I’m an illustrator for kids likes to create stories that spark a spirit
of adventure and hit their funny bone. I draw for the range of children’s publishing and I'm always excited to work on new projects with new people.

I live in Rhode Island with my wife and two kids.

Feel free to contact me directly for inquiries.


Let's work together!

Contact me – I love to work on new creative collaborations,
hear your ideas, and especially if
you'd like to hire me.

Nico Ecenarro

Rhode Island, USA